About Scott Heddleson

Scott Heddleson comes from a past of abuse, violence, gang activity, as well as drug and alcohol addiction. As a result of this life-style he’s spent most of his adult life in Ohio prisons, where he has been incarcerated since 1986. While being housed at the maximum security prison in Lucasville, one of Ohio’s most violent prisons, Scott met Jesus Christ in cell block L-3 cell 26 on Oct. 24 1991 at 8:00 P.M. From this moment until the present his life has never been the same. The Lord miraculously delivered him from a life of gang activity and violence. No longer did he have the desire for drugs and alcohol. The Lord replaced his old desires with a hunger and thirst for more and more of the Lord. Consequently his days have been spent studying Gods word, both privately, and through Bible College courses. These disciplines have caused him to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. As a result of his time spent with the Lord he’s sensed a call to minister the word of God wherever an opportunity presents itself. Therefore he will be submitting messages for publication on Calvary Chapel Mansfield’s web site in a segment titled “Message of His Grace.”

In addition to the blessings of his relationship with Christ have been that of meeting and marrying his soulmate and best friend Shirley. In time Shirley was led to move closer to the prison where Scott was being housed. This move in 2005 caused her to become acquainted with Calvary Chapel Mansfield. From the very beginning there was an immediate acceptance of them and their unique situation by Pastor Bryan and his wife Janice. This loving family of believers have welcomed them without judgement which has caused them both to realize that they have not only found a Church, but a family.

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