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Be Not Deceived

Matthew 24:4 N.K.J.V.

And Jesus answered and said to them: ‘take heed that no one deceives you.’

Throughout scripture God warned His people not to be deceived.  When we see something repeated in scripture so often it’s obviously very important and should be looked upon with great care.

Satan’s most powerful weapon against the human race is deception.  He has used it from the very beginning and has become very proficient at his craft.  While he won’t always try to convince us that God doesn’t exist, he will try to twist the scriptures to promote half-truths which are in effect, lies.  He has designed so many different religions in our day that are packed full of half-truths to incite the interest of many.  I know a man, who for almost 20 years believed the lies of a false religion.  That was, until he sincerely sought the Lord for the truth proclaimed in the word of God.  Once he saw the truth he was gloriously saved and delivered from the lies of a false religion.  His sins were forgiven and he was born again into the kingdom of God!

God has given us His holy word so we can know the truth.  However, it’s our responsibility to read it, memorize it, meditate upon it and live by it.  When we refuse to do this we leave ourselves open to the lies and deceit of the enemy.  God does not want any of His precious children to be deceived.  Let’s do our part and begin today to pray and diligently read God’s word daily that we would not be deceived.

Lord give us a hunger and thirst for your word and help us to set aside time daily to pray and read it so we won’t be deceived by the lies of the enemy.